Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I am testing how quickly I can remember my Basic Facts.

I need to remember my Basic Facts because they are the
knowledge I need to help me with strategies to solve Maths

Monday's Screenshot

Friday's Screenshot

On Monday I got 27/60 and on Friday I got 27/60, and the knowledge block I need to practice is Grouping's with 100's.

Typing Test

I am practising my typing so I can be quicker and more

This will help me finish my work faster.

Monday's Screenshot

Friday's Screenshot

On Monday my WPM score was 55 and on Friday My WPM score was 55, I have been practising so my result is higher and I can type quicker.

Silent Reading

Today's new book is called Geronimo Stilton, Don't wake the dinosaur.
Image result for geronimo stilton don't wake the dinosaur
In today's chapter of Geronimo Stilton, in page one it says that the mice in this book, are living the life of a cave man, and cave woman.

The saddest fact of this book is that when the mice's sleep they have no blanket, the reason why they need a blanket is because in the mice's cave's there is ice, so when they sleep they might freeze to death.  

The weird part is when the cavemen had money and the money was any shape and sizes of seashells, and the the most selfish part is when Geronimo is warm and all the citizens are not warm.

Geronimo is getting warm by getting rocks and smashing it with a hammer. Then the fire comes up.    

To be rocktinued.......

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Nativity Invitation

I learnt how to right a invitation, i learnt how to right reasons why people need to come.