Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Special Moment Recount

In the holidays I went to the Glen Innes pools. I went to the pools with my cousin Mele, my two older sister’s Kalo and Moana and my sister's friend.

When we were finished getting we got ready we went inside the car I was on the side while Mele was in the middle.

After we paid we went in to into the water then I saw my friend so I called him liked this heyy then he waved.

When we finished paying we went inside the pool was dirty so that means it was hard to see underwater.

When I came up from the water my sister  called me and Mele then we said what me and mele thought that we were going to go home but she called us so she can ask me and Mele something.

She said do you and and Mele want a swimming challenge  then I said BRING IT ON Mele said nothing.

When me and Mele finished mocking each other we lined up so we can have a race when we lined up we got into partners I was with my sister friend and Mele was with Moana.

Moana though they were going to win because in Maori her name means ocean so was pretending  that the water was the ocean.
But she was wrong the water did not listen so I laughed hahahahahahahahaha.

Then I was pretending that I was tired so I can go to my friend.
When I was finished playing with my friend I went home I had the best drink when I went home I had otai.




On Monday I got 32/60 and on Friday I got 28/60, I am so sad because I got a big score on Monday but a low score on Friday.

Typing test



On Monday my WPM score was 50 and on Friday my WPM score was 50 again, I am so proud that I have got the same score.

Act of Kindness for Lent

I did nothing for my act of kindness because I did not help anyone, this is my promise for lent help someone for lent, I have broke my promise, next time I will try and help someone for my act of kindness calendar, I am going to tell the truth when I do nothing for my act of kindness.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Silent Reading

Image result for captain underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie woman full color

I have read up to page 1 - 91

In today's chapter of captain underpants, George and Harold, wait, wait, wait, do you guys remember the 3-D hip-no ring, this ring made a human being turn into captain underpants, back to the story now, so George and Harold grades went back down because they keep on doing pranks.

When they heard that there grades change they did the most stupid thing in the world, they have brought the 3-D, guess who George and Harold hypnotised,  the most ageist teacher in their school MRS RIBLE, DAN DAN DAN!.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Silent Reading

Image result for captain underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie woman full color

In today's book I have read up to page 1 - 36.

Today's book is about 2 cool boys named Gorge and Harold, Gorge and Harold do some crazy staph like, doing pranks, and changing staff to funny staph.

In today's book Gorge and Harold had a great day then the worst teacher in their school came, her name is Mrs Rible, I will tell you why when it was class time Mrs Rible said to the whole class, I am going to retire, then the Students said yaaaay then Mrs Rible said so you have to make a card for Mrs Rible, then the students said noooooooooooo.