Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quick write - power came off at school.

Quick write.
Today at school the power came off,but It did not fully come off.When I mean not fully
come off I mean the Internet didn't come off our netbooks did not come off it only the lights that came off.I said to the teacher that the class looks better when the lights is off she laugh hahahaha.

Then mr coakley came and said that we have to turn off all the electricity that was stool on.
So we all turn It all off and the teacher said to face the front to play a game called place value houses.

Inside the place value houses there were numbers that start with one,there was 1’s 10’s 100’s  1000’s 100,00’s.
While we were playing the game place value houses I remembered that miss middleton said that when there Is no power we had to hand write.

My favourite thing to do when the power is off is called night games my sister made it up.I remembered when I was little kid I was scared because In one of the games you have to be blindfolded and we have to try and touch someone.

And the next one Is when we sing a song and the next person has to finish the song

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