Thursday, August 10, 2017

Holiday day writing Thomas 2017.

My crazy day at sky city restaurant
In the holiday I went to a restaurant,and In the restaurant they had lots of fancy
food.My favourite food was the shushie, the one I hated most was the chips.

I hated the chips because it was hot and spicey,my family went there because It was my two cousins birthday.
It was my baby cousin's birthday and my big cousin birthday,my baby cousin just turned 1 and my big cousin turned 21.

When we sang the happy birthday song other people that we do not know, clapped for my two cousin’s.
When we were eating the food Sateki and his mum and dad just showed up. My other cousin’s said hey you were late and we were so hungry.When my cousin’s said that they were hungry they said it in a angry way.

My cousin’s are always angry when they eat food so late, because sometimes they do not eat when we eat they only eat whenever they want to eat.
My task for the night was the deserts. My job was to help all the little kids with there deserts.My favourite dessert was the boat one,that  myself and Sateki made up. We had a big bowl of dessert,  my little cousin’s had a small desserts.
My little cousin’s has little desserts because when we do lots of Ice cream for them  they do not eat it all.

When one hour was nearly finished my aunty was panicking she was panicking because she fort we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant.

It was not fair for my aunt's and uncle’s because they came with there babies they think babies are hard to babysit for me and Sateki,but we always babysit.

But I will tell you what was not fair there was still lots of time for eating but my aunty told us to hurry up we had extra! Time for eating more food!.

Then we went home and I put all the blankets  on me it was a crazy night.

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